Music is my first love, and it is the vibration of love which i love to channel

I run monthly new moon chanting circles in Cape Town, please subscribe to find out about those. I also teach sacred sound and mantra yoga lessons/music lessons, using the principles of Naad Yoga (the yoga of Sound) as a foundation for this work.

In 2014 I made my own medicine drum. Spiritsong-Souldancer (my drum) started me on a whole new journey into shamanic sound healing along-with my rainbow medicine-shaker which i made as part of my naming ceremony.

If you would like to develop your voice and open your throat chakra, or develop with an instrument (piano, harmonium, guitar, drum, flutem etc), then I can help you develop a sacred connection your instrument, so that sound & music comes alive in you, and through you. You become music!

When sound and music come alive in you, you become the music!

I hope you enjoy listening 🙂
What a blessing to share my musical soul, my gift, my joy, my challenge…
My bio:
Music is, was, and will always be, my first love. My guitar I call ‘my baby’.
I have been writing songs and music on piano and guitar since the age of 14, and then travelling with my guitar baby all over the world, finding myself for the next 14=20 years; carving out my, own unique path.
The voice is the greatest gift and our built-in instrument. This is something we all have access to within us, to open our soul and body through song. I’m also a musician playing piano, guitar, harmonium and percussion.
As I embarked on the path of yoga, I mastered the mantras of kundalini yoga . I started ‘channeling’ my own versions of these ancient mantras on the guitar, especially during my kundalini yoga training retreat in Turkey (2010-11). After my training I recorded these mantra versions with fellow yogi friend Simon Karanpal Goddard. Together we created Divine Gurus
and released our debut album Sadhana Samadhi in 2013. My first edition CD copies of my mantra album Sadhana Samadhi are sold out but can be downloaded easily off the internet on Itunes or Amazon music. You can also still buy a copy of the album off Spirit Voyage.