Shakti-Flow Embodiment Training – Winter 2019

A free-movement-yoga and dance as embodied spiritual practice
Created and founded by Maya Joy Metcalfe (Haripal Kaur), Jan 2019

This embodiment practice is conceptualised and inspired through a few spiritual and healing lineages; now be-coming inter-woven like the colours of the rainbow into my own free movement practice.
I owe my deepest gratitudes to my many teachers and trainers from the following lineages: Spirit Eagle (Eastern Cherokee Healing Tradition), Hatha Yoga (Advaita), Blissdance (Advaita~Osho), Kundalini Yoga (Raja Yoga~Yogi Bhajan) & Shakti Dance (Raj Yoga~Yogi Bhajan).

Special thanks to my main teachers Lyn Spirit Eagle, Sara Avtar Kaur, Guru Rattana Kaur & Dr Shakti Mari Malan. Also Paul my first hatha yoga teacher & Swami Rahasya Advait.
I also want to honour all the other Conscious Dance practices which0 deeply impacted & influenced me in the years of my early awakening; 5Rhythms, Contact Improv, Movement Medicine & Dance Awake.
And to every person who has inspired me along the way, you probably dont even know who you are but thank you for how you impacted me.

This course when completed is designed to give you the foundations for being a Shakti-Flow practitioner. It is also required entry level for the full facilitator training in 2020. This embodiment training is designed to also be applied to any creative area of your life, using the flow of Shakti life-force to free up more creative energy for greater health and happiness, authentic embodiment of self, to enhance all relationships and any work, to purify the subtle energy system using free-movement yoga as a practice and/or conscious dance rooted in yogic principles.

One can adopt Shakti-Flow as a practice or simply imbibe its principles into an already established path or calling. It will strengthen and enhance any other creative process, and improve overall vitality and health. Simply use this conscious or spiritual practice as its energy calls to you. Email Maya for course outline. You can book each module separately or on earlybird/full fee if you join the whole training. I am making this training affordable and accessible as possible, as there is an urgency to spread more embodied spirituality on the planet right now, and avoid the pitfalls of disembodied “spiritual bypass”!
Join a session if your body says ‘Yes’ to the sound of Shakti=flow. Limited places available, No experience in yoga or dance needed.